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Instruction & Outreach Librarian at the College of Western Idaho ∴ Literary, media & cultural studies ∴ Web Editor at In the Library with the Lead Pipe ∴ Sous les pavés, la plage ∴ We are, as always, stubborn, stoked, and petrified - GY!BE

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Giroux, Henry. “Schooling and the Culture of Positivism: Notes on the Death of History.” 1979/2014.

A culture of positivism, distinguishing between objectivity and objectivism, hegemony, false neutrality, values—this article has all sorts of relevance for librarianship!

Burt, Laura. “Vivian Harsh Adult Ed Library's Role as Community Center.” 2009.

Excellent article on a library director who linked her library’s outreach, programming, and collections to the force of the Chicago Black Renaissance and beyond. Important and undertold critical librar* history!

Crumpton and Bird. Handbook for Community College Librarians. 2013.

Notes on the two chapters on information literacy and instructional design.

Greer, Hess, and Kraemer. “The Librarian Leading the Machine: a Reassessment of Library Instruction Methods.” 2016.

An insightful article showing that, at their institution, well-planned infolit instruction modules make for basically equivalent student success rates.


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