Choose Your Own Adventure Time

Ryan Randall


Jake listening to headphones and nodding

If you'd like to follow along, browse to:

My Goals for This CYOA Test

  • Try out Reveal
  • …and its abilities for instruction
  • Have some nerdy fun

A Choice!

Do you want to:

No Spoilers!

River Song saying spoilers to the Doctor

I'm pretty sure you didn't want to ruin the surprise. How about you go back and click on a choice?

Option A

Here's some text.

Scroll down for another choice.

Option A1

Do you choose to:

Option B

Here's some other text.

Swipe right to see what happens!



  • It's all open source
  • Can control layout & visuals
  • Screen reader accessible (if using reveal-a11y plugin)


  • Author in html, optionally also markdown
  • Adding layouts isn't simple
  • Choices & progress are on "the honor system"

We All Win!

jake from Adventure Time with the word SUPER
Choose Yr Own Adventure Test Time