English 101

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Created by Ryan P. Randall


I'm Ryan Randall, from the Library!

I'm here to help you prepare for your next assignment. And the rest of your classes, to be honest.

Today we'll talk mostly about thesis statements and finding & using sources.

What have you already done in the library?

  • Printing?
  • Used the textbooks on reserve?
  • Used one of our many computers?
  • Requested an article or book?
  • Used the online chat?
  • Used the anatomical models?

Have your kids used the children's section?

Image of NCMP library's children's section with children's books

Did you come dressed up for Halloween?

Read from our Popular Fiction sections?

Popular Fiction book shelves

Here's some more library resources!

Peer review? Databases?

Peer reviewed ≅ refereed

  • What's all this about peer review? Isn't that just having other students look at my essays?
  • Not exactly! Let's watch a video from NCSU on peer review.
  • Here's how an idea goes from a researcher to journal to a database.

    Thesis Statements

    • Statement of fact: Hybrid cars are more energy efficient than cars with standard gasoline engines.
    • Thesis statement: Although hybrid cars could decrease our country's dependence on foreign oil, they have disadvantages.

    BEAM analysis

    • Background: general information
    • Exhibit (aka Evidence): examples or evidence to analyze
    • Argument: engaging, amplifying, or refuting a source's assertions
    • Method (aka Model): borrowing an approach

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    Thank you for your time!
    "Pulling a book off the shelf" photo by Bennington College's Crossett Library with a CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.
    Blakeslee, S. (2004). The CRAAP test. LOEX Quarterly, 31(3), 6-7. Retrieved from https://commons.emich.edu/loexquarterly/vol31/iss3/4.
    "Purpose" photo by Seth Sawyers with a CC BY 2.0 license and given some minimal filtering by Ryan.