On April 4th & 5th, I drove up to Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois with my friend & colleague Katherine Ahnberg for the New Directions in Information Literacy conference at Augustana College.

As Katherine recently wrote, we presented a brief history of humanities computing (digital humanities or DH), an overview of how DH often interfaces with libraries, and demonstrated a number of easily-adopted tools that reference librarians might recommend to students/researchers curious about what computing approaches can do for humanities inquiry. This primer, along with our slides, are hosted at dhreadyreference on GitHub.1 We may go back and annotate or expand the entries, but for anyone curious about digital humanities and libraries, or tools with low learning curves, I hope this provides a useful introduction.

Should you find it useful—or should you like to add things or ask for clarification—feel free to get in touch.

  1. We specifically chose to put it on GitHub because, as graduate students, we knew we’d have access to it beyond our years at IU-Bloomington. On top of that, we wanted to demonstrate the relative ease with which it can be used as a repository for these sorts of things.