I’ve occasionally used BookWyrm, Goodreads, or similar sites for sharing what I’m reading.

Now, I track this here. I often read multiple books and articles in parallel, and I annotate my progress here.

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  • :page_facing_up: Actively Engaging Students in Asynchronous Online Classes. by Shannon A. Riggs & Kathryn E. Linder open access :herb:

    Abstract: This paper suggests a three-pronged approach for conceptualizing active learning in the online asynchronous class: the creation of an architecture of engagement in the online classroom, the use of web-based tools in addition to the learning management system, and a re-imagining of discussion boards as interactive spaces.

  • :book: Modernist Informatics: Literature, Information, and the State by James Purdon :herb:

    Purdon examines modernist fiction to trace how writers experienced information culture as a disturbing interruption and governmental intrusion.