I'm slowly adding a light theme to this site. I apologize that some things aren't going to be ideal or perhaps even legible as I make all the changes.

Thanks for understanding!

I’ve occasionally kept track of what I’m reading on BookWyrm, Goodreads, or similar sites.

As an ongoing experiment with centralizing things to this site, I’m going to try doing so here as well/instead. I often read multiple books and articules in parallel, so I plan to annotate my progress here.

I plan to add links to reading notes in my digital garden once I’m done, as a type of review.

Currently Reading


  • :page_facing_up: Actively Engaging Students in Asynchronous Online Classes. :herb:
    This paper suggests a three-pronged approach for conceptualizing active learning in the online asynchronous class: the creation of an architecture of engagement in the online classroom, the use of web-based tools in addition to the learning management system, and a re-imagining of discussion boards as interactive spaces.