This Is Halloween

A couple of the CWI Library student workers suggested Once Upon a Time as a theme for our Halloween decorations, and we ended up embracing it enthusiastically. I admittedly had to do some ahem “binge watching research” on Netflix, but our approach to the theme said that any fairy tale character would be fair game. I decided to go with Hook, even though I’m just now getting to his character’s introduction in the show.

Here’s the photo from Halloween day in the library:

Day 2 in the Enchanted Forest at the Nampa Library. Come and explore our Once Upon a Time decor!

Posted by CWI Library on Friday, October 30, 2015

And here’s a set of photos of library decorations (which I intentionally took without patrons):

If you haven't had a chance to see the Enchanted Forest yet, here's what you've been missing. Our student workers have been super creative with the Once Upon a Time theme!

Posted by CWI Library on Friday, October 30, 2015

Most of our students seem to have Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedules, so we chose to start dressing up on Wednesday. This meant that I got to teach my first library resources instruction session as Hook! It seemed to go rather well. We also did CWI’s Trunk or Treat, bringing a game of bag toss (that’s “corn hole” for you Midwesterners) that the children used steadily for a few hours.

Readings for This Month

Now that the move has mostly settled down, here’s a few things I’m hoping to read in the next month or so:

We’ll see how rapidly I get through them, but I’m hoping to be able to chat about these soon enough since I’ve heard them praised or referenced repeatedly.