Weekly Whaaa…?

Weekly Roundup

I read a lot this last week or so—too much to annotate each in depth. So I’ll just quickly post links to all of these and suggest you go check them out:

Rebecca Halpern and Chimene Tucker’s “Leveraging Adult Learning Theory with Online Tutorials” article gave me a lot to think about as I’m trying to make new online material. (That’s a link to the open access version, by the way, which I’m linking to in case you don’t have access to the version of record.)

I also really appreciated Denisse Solis’s “LIS Programs & the Need for Dialog” article at Hack Library School.

Kate Rubick’s “Flashlight: Using Bizup’s BEAM to Illuminate the Rhetoric of Research” usefully explains Bizup’s BEAM model for engaging with sources. I’d already heard of the BEAM model while I was taking a course on library instruction from Andrea Baer, and Rubick’s article reinforces how useful Bizup’s approach can be. (That’s a link to the open access version, which I’m linking to in case you don’t have access to the version of record.)

If you’ve yet to read “Reader Response [to Eric Jennings, “The librarian stereotype: How librarians are damaging their image and profession” C&UL 23:1, 93-100]”, please just go read it now. Not only did the authors (Erica DeFrain, April Hathcock, Turner Masland, Nichole Pagowsky, Annie Pho, Miriam Rigby, and K.R. Roberto) craft a powerful response, but they also advocated for retaining their rights to place it in their institutional repositories.

Recent Website Housekeeping

I’ve starting streamlining the architecture of my site. There may be a few more changes coming, mostly with fonts at this point.

I’ve also added a page for my public talks. I’ll keep posting transcripts and slides for talks there from here on out.