What’s This About?

It’s pretty clear that my weekly assemblage posts aren’t particularly sustainable, at least at the moment. All the same, I want to get back to regular posts. With these I aim at boosting—sometimes also critiquing—things that I appreciate.

Seeing Jessica Schomberg’s Monthly Reading Lists gave me the idea to do a monthly format.

We’ll see where this goes!

How Will They Work?

I’m really good at reading and engaging widely—but I’m not as great at keeping notes or forcing myself to reflect. So I’ll experiment with the exact way I’ll annotate or respond to what I mention in these.

I’m planning to start a post at the beginning of each month, then edit it throughout the month. So each will be a monthly log, pretty much, of stuff I want to amplify.

Is That It?

As I’m writing this introduction to these posts, I’m also working on putting together my dissertation qualifying exam lists. I’m intrigued by the ethos / approach of working in public, so I’m considering doing some sort of “evergreen notes”—most likely a set of pages that I continually edit as I refine ideas, definitions, connections, bibliographies, etc.

I’m not sure quite yet how that sort of note will live on my site, but again: we’ll find out!