Weekly Whaaa…?

Poem of the Week

Sorry, Carl Sandburg.

This fog clearly strode in on bison's hooves.  

It's not looking aloof over river, city, roofs.  

These are all the fog's now,  
until it gets bored.  

It was profoundly foggy on Tuesday morning, and this echo sprung into my mind as the sun bravely tried to weave its way through the soup.

Reading Highlights

The main book I’m thinking with at the moment is Maurice Lee’s Overwhelmed. Its first chapter, in which he outlines some of the ways that “informational” reading and “literary” reading were culturally constructed, has somehow helped me start putting into words some of the tensions I’ve long felt exist within “information”/”knowledge” work. (It’s a line of thought not clearly related to his chapter, so for now, I’m letting those thoughts simmer in a different text file.)

I’m finding his writing—meaning his prose as well as his arrangement of thoughts—very generative. I’d definitely recommend the book, if libraries or literature interest you.

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This week I (re)learned…

Site Refinements of the Week

A process refinement!

Although I usually work on anything related to this site in VS Code, this week I started writing blog drafts in Obsidian. Separating a “thinking and drafting” space from a “coding and perpetually refining” space has been helping me focus on what I’m actually aiming to do.