Blogs! They’re like podcasts for reading!

Here are some of the ones I follow and always enjoy reading in my RSS reader of choice (where I also lifted that “podcasts for reading” line).

There’s enough here that I almost always have more to read when I open up my RSS app, which is helping wean me away from social media’s tiny shards of attention and toward somewhat longer pieces of thought. These are a mix of ones I’ve followed the longest and ones that are most regularly updated.

[This is a first pass as of 2024-02-18. I’ll go back and add/describe more soon enough.]

Accessibility and/or (Web) Design(ers)

Arts, Culture, and/or Reading

  • A Working Library by Mandy Brown.
  • CrimethInc., by the CrimethInc anonymous collective.
  • { feuilleton }, by John Coulthart, provides art delights. Tends to have weekly links as well as specific posts throughout the week as well.
  • Justseeds, from the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative.
  • the Quietus, yep, by the Quietus.

Instructional Design and/or Pedagogy

Library Workers & GLAM

Uhh… “Other”?