I wrote for Hack Library School about why & how I use Dropbox.

What I didn’t include were particular recommendations for other programs that integrate nicely with Dropbox. Perhaps it’s my college dj training that makes me super hesitant to encourage people to buy a particular program or product when I’m in a more public forum?

In any case, this is my own space, so here are the programs that I have linked to Dropbox that I use almost daily. None of these are affiliate links, I just think highly of them:

  • nvALT A free program from Brett Terpstra that stores any number of text files. Using a search bar as the file-picking interface takes a bit of getting used to, but the program’s profoundly useful as a place to store ideas for the future. Just start using breadcrumbs that can help you recall the terms you’ve used—things like adding multiple “q” characters in a row for things of increasing importance, for instance. Michael Schechter shows you which settings to change in order to save your files individually rather than as a single database.
  • Editorial Ole Moritz’s program for iOS lets you work in plain text files and understands Markdown, TaskPaper, and Fountain formatting. It also has templates, automation, and Python scripting, so it’s ridiculously customizable and extendable.

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