When I first got a smartphone so many years ago, I was excited mostly about having a device that could help with some of my ADHD issues; basically the same “keeping track of ideas and intentions” things I’d used a day planner or bullet journal for previously. I’d seen people with PDAs and thought “wow, those could be useful!”

Now it’s odd to have a global communicator in my pocket and constantly be drawn to the immediacy of that kind of communication. I’m sitting in a parking lot at the moment and was just checking in on folks I know on Mastodon and on Discord, who live not only in different states or countries but entirely different continents. It’s kind of mind blowing how mundane that feels.

I’d like to attempt writing more frequently in these little liminal/interstitial moments, rather than going directly to social media. That’s part of why I’m using Obsidian now, for instance, and why I’ve made a Digital Garden that I can always prune or refine. I’m also interested in seeing what beneficial friction I encounter when writing for Jekyll here from my phone. It’s harder to make sure that wikilinks are going to the correct file and to use UTC time codes. I’ll probably want to make some keyboard shortcuts for the patterns I often use but don’t have committed character-by-character to memory.

(Edit after I got home: Yep, still need to refine this process. Something about the time I initially specified in the post frontmatter seems to have kept it from publishing. Most likely I did the time zone conversion incorrectly. I’ve just made a snippet in TextExpander, a snippets utility-style app that works inside my preferred iOS code editor, Textastic. I guess alternately I could just comment out the date field?)

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