As of 2024-01-30, I’ve moved this page to my /elsewhere page.

Why the switch? Basically, I’ve noticed the /elsewhere page is becoming a new convention, much like /now & /uses pages.

Instead of just making this page automagically send you to my /elsewhere page, I’d prefer to elaborate the “rhizome” idea a bit further.

I really appreciate Dave Cormier’s idea of rhizomatic education. My #Rhizo15 posts were some of the first I wrote on here that went beyond school assignments. The notion of rhizomatic learning remains very compelling!

Deleuze and Guattari’s image of a rhizomatic network—a jumble of multiplicities and possibilities rather than a single narrative or hierarchical arrangement—also is very generative!

But ultimately, as much as I like counterposing all these images and influences and gardening metaphors to that one “link in bio” service with “tree” in its name, I like making things more understandable for my site’s visitors!

Even—or perhaps especially—after all my years enjoying dadaism, surrealism, and critical theory, it’s difficult to anticipate when to make language an intentional site for interventions that disrupt our expectations. One person’s illuminating disruption can often be another person’s inaccessible barrier or unproductively alienating experience.

So on balance, I’ve decided to retain this page as an elaboration of the “link rhizome” idea, instead of hoping that the phrase alone will set a thousand mental buds blooming as people scroll quickly around these pages.

Hope you see you elsewhere!