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I really enjoy using Jekyll, enough that I’d recommend it to anyone who is both looking to make their own site and has the time or inclination to do more “behind the scenes” than necessary for site made with WordPress or Squarespace.

Jekyll’s own documentation is one of the most helpful sets of official docs I’ve ever relied upon. There’s also a larger group of Jekyll users who often make guides. This note will corral some of the ones I refer to most often, with short annotations.

  • URLs and links in Jekyll: This guide by Michael Rose, who made and maintains a few of the most popular Jekyll themes, helps explain some of the filters you can use when linking, or the often-confusing parts of site.url and site.baseurl. Since my site is hosted on GitHub pages but has a different URL, I often have to rely on the different tags explained here, rather than hard-coding a specific URL in the link.

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