Reads this Week

It’s 2015-12-12 and I’m still looking at the rough draft of this post languishing unpublished. So instead of trying to annotate why I like these so much, I’m just going to grab a quote that I hope entices you to read each of them. Clearly, I’m still figuring out what these “Weekly Assemblages” will be!

Barbara Fister’s “Costs of Doing More with Less”

Costs of Doing More With Less

When we’re told to do more with less, we end up building a costly apparatus for generating income while cutting things that actually support the organization’s mission. That distorts everything.

Robin Kurz’s “We Can Be Heroes”

We Can Be Heroes

We can be and are our own heroes. We are already challenging the LIS status quo in places around the world.

Amy Vecchione’s “Let’s Make Something”

Let’s Make Something

The MakerLab is secretly a digital fluency lab because we help anyone. With each workshop, we focus on the outcome: that the workshop attendee has made a video, made a podcast, made a green screen photo. We want to give them great confidence, and steps so that they can do it again!

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