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Suggestions for starting to use Dendron, a VS Code extension for linked notes.

What is Dendron?

Dendron lets you create—and more importantly, organize—plain text notes in VS Code. It not only lets you link between notes like a wiki, it makes notes findable through a tree view and customizable, hierarchical organization.

I’m such a fan that I switched from Atom to VS Code as my main text editor, happily donate a few dollars a month to support its open-source development, and volunteer as a Dendrologist, helping answer questions and refine documentation.

Before using Dendron, I’ve long taken notes in Markdown, and I’m familiar with making websites using Jekyll. These experiences make Dendron more intuitive for me than it might be for many new users.

So here are a few starting points that might make starting out with Dendron easier for you.

Starting Points

Kevin and Jonathan presented on Dendron to VS Code’s developer community. This video provides a good overview of what the tool looks like, so you can quickly see if it might suit how you like to work.

Ian Jones has made a short, free guide on with video instructions to walk you through installing VS Code, installing the Dendron extension, and setting it up for the first time.

Here’s Dendron’s own Getting Started Guide, which is a combo of text and short videos in their wiki.

Bryan Jenks has made a robust video introduction, which covers many of the details.

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