Summer 2022

Here are some of the things I’m currently doing, as of Summer 2022. Not a ton has changed since Summer 2020, both for better and for worse.

  • The biggest thing is switching from working as a librarian to working as an instructional designer for online courses. While this seems to be a big change to other people, I mostly feel continued concerns:
    • how is information shared?
    • how can these documents or interfaces be improved?
    • how can we save the time of the learner?
    • what does research (and affected communities) say about making this more accessibile to the widest possible set of learners?
    • which needs and communities are being left out, and how can we remedy that?
  • I’m quite happy to be growing far more familiar with the Quality Matters rubric and the Universal Design for Learning framework.
  • Just as I was in Summer 2022, I’m staying home as much as I can—and I’m getting things curbside and wearing a mask whenever I can’t. In entirely related news, I’m slowly getting better at cutting my own hair. 💈✂️
  • I’m also still putting together my qualifying exam lists for my Ph.D.
  • After lots of experimentation, I’ve worked out how I’ll do a digital garden using Jekyll for now.
  • I’m enjoying the free, open-source notetaking tool Dendron so much that I donate to its ongoing development each month, as well as volunteering as part of its supportive user community. I’m also writing notes about how I use it!
  • Watching Deep Space Nine for the first time, occasionally wondering how I went without watching the series for so long, and realizing that line of thought isn’t a very “now” approach, now is it?

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