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I’ve been using Mastodon for a while. Apparently at least since April of 2017‽?!

I tend to use Mastodon on my phone at least as much as I do through a browser. At various times I’ve used Metatext, Mast, Amaroq, and a tab of Safari pinned to appear as its own “app.”


As of 2022-11-19, my current preference is for using Metatext.

Here are the things I really like about it:

  • It handles multiple accounts well. (Although the interface could be clearer; one has to click on your own profile image in order to bring up the menu where you can click on “Accounts” to switch between your accounts.)
  • It has a dark theme, which is important for insomniac scrolling.
  • It easily displays alt text for images. (Press on an image and it will focus in a sort of “lightbox” modal that hides the rest of the post, exposing the alt text at the bottom of the screen somewhat like a caption.)

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