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Assumed Audience and Scope This is for people who are interested in Mastodon and looking for tips to become more comfortable using it and finding people on it.

There have been many, many “how to” articles written about Mastodon. So many that I figure it might be useful to curate a small list of the ones I find exceptionally useful.

Here are some starting points, in no particular order:

  • Alana M. Vincent’s Mastodon Quick Start Guide for Humanities Scholars. Written by Dr. Alana Vincent and hosted on Humanities Commons, this covers a lot of useful ground in case things feel unfamiliar to you.
  • Danielle Navarro’s Everything I know about Mastodon is written for data scientists but seems useful far beyond that. It’s organized by questions, which is always a structuring device I find handy.
  • Academics on Mastodon provides a set of opt-in lists of people you might want to follow, organized by discipline. It also lists groups (relays that function somewhere between hashtags and list-servs), preprint bots, and communities by discipline. There are also a handful of other resources listed.

My Other Notes on Mastodon

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