Summer 2024

Here’s some of what I’m currently doing, as of Summer 2024. (More specifically, I’m writing this on 2024-06-09):

  • Sprucing up a few things on my website:
    • I’ve adopted Derek Kedziora’s dynamic Now page approach.
    • I’m making a few other dedicated pages and making them easier to find with a page of Featured Pages.
    • I’ve streamlined the sidebar links and put my Reading page in the main menu bar.
  • Reading things from my three comprehensive exam reading lists.
  • Enjoying our first time watching Ugly Betty and Star Trek: Discovery.
    • Ugly Betty has similar overall “wholesome and witty” vibes as both Jane the Virgin and Ted Lasso.
    • Discovery’s first season has a great cast and great characters, but is also by far the most grim and dour of all the Treks thus far. It has some surprisingly difficult to watch scenes—to the point where we almost gave up on finishing the season—so I’m very glad it wasn’t our introduction to Star Trek. Thankfully, so far the second season feels much more like the previous series.
  • Enjoying herbs from our raised garden.

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