Spring 2024

Here’s some of what I’m currently doing, as of Spring 2024. (More specifically, I’m writing this on 2024-03-19):

  • Re-learning Spanish as part of my Ph.D. program. My current class is my last of four required semesters, and it feels great to be back to where I can read somewhat complicated fiction in Spanish.
  • Mostly using Obsidian for notes. Its ability to mix dynamic queries with markdown notes has made keeping track of tasks a lot smoother than doing so was in Dendron or any other tool I’ve tried.
  • Continuing my first viewing of Star Trek. We started with Deep Space Nine, then went to the original series, and have continued watching all the series and movies in order. At this point we’re up to the third season of Enterprise.
  • Planning to add a theme switcher to my site, which also means I’ll need to simplify the css for the theme and figure out how it will interact with the current code for the automatic light/dark theme switch. I keep bumping this whole project into the future since other things in life are far more urgent, but it’s the next obvious change you’re likely to notice on this site.
  • Reading a few books in parallel, a practice I’m realizing I’ve missed. Switching between them seems to help me think more clearly about the particularities of each, as well as find interesting resonances between them.

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