Summer 2023

Here’s some of what I’m currently doing, as of Summer 2023.

  • I’m re-learning Spanish as part of my Ph.D. program requirements. I haven’t formally used Spanish since junior year of high school… back when Tupac was still alive. Since then I’ve learned Latin, and then French (for reading purposes only), so I’m able to get the gist of most Romance languages. I’m definitely stoked to be re-learning Spanish, though! Maybe I’ll end up reading some of Manuel Castells’ works for the dissertation project, or other academic things, in addition to just being closer to verbally fluent again?
  • I’m still using the free, open-source notetaking tool Dendron, even though it’s moved from active development to primarily being in a “maintenance mode.” I’ve got my eye on Obsidian, should I ever need to switch, but I’ve decided that I like Dendron and VS Code enough that I’m not going to move until something makes me do so.
  • Continuing my first viewing of Star Trek. We started with Deep Space Nine, then went to the original series, and now we’re up to Voyager.

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