Weekly Whaaa…?

Wow! This month has kept me busy—so much that I haven’t been updating this weekly.

VS Code Snippets and Spellcheck Customizations

At the beginning of the month, I made a couple of new notes.

One explains some snippets I often use, both in VS Code and other places. Right now, as I started writing this, I also made a new one for the Jekyll frontmatter for these Weekly Assemblage notes. Hopefully being able to create 17 lines of code just by typing out ;wa will help me write these more regularly! (Or maybe I’ll switch to doing monthly updates?)

The other new note covers spellcheck squiggles in VS Code, and how make to them just perceptible enough.

Designing for Motivation

As I’ve been (perpetually) trying to refine my text-based system for keeping track of tasks and projects, I’m realizing yet again that one missing component is rewarding myself and designing patterns that increase motivation.

I’m going to revisit Sri Seah’s Productivity Tools and see what elements I might glean from them, as well as figure out what’s the minimum viable use of pomodoros that will help me feel like I’m moving forward when the work I’m involved with can take weeks or months.

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