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Welcome to my notes!

This is my digital garden—a loosely tended succulent collection. Pathways of thought represented via pixels, all perpetually in process. Show yourself around!

:seedling: Emerging Notes

  • _notes/ADHD-tech/about-ADHD-technologies.md :seedling:
  • _notes/Accessibility/math-a11y.md :seedling:
  • _notes/Note-taking/Dendron/beginning-to-use-dendron.md :seedling:
  • _notes/Note-taking/Dendron/literature-notes-dendron.md :seedling:
  • _notes/Snippets/information-informatics.md :seedling:
  • _notes/Technology/VS-Code/vs-code.md :seedling:
  • :herb: Established Notes

  • _notes/ADHD-tech/apple-watch-ADHD.md :herb:
  • _notes/Technology/VS-Code/daybreak-theme.md :herb:
  • :evergreen_tree: Evergreen Notes

    :seedling: = emerging note
    :herb: = established note
    :evergreen_tree: = evergreen note